What Is My Schedule?

As an Independent Contractor, you determine your own work schedules.  You are free to choose when you drive because there is no forced dispatch.  The most successful Driveaway contractors who want to stay busy usually work with at least 2 Driveaway companies.

How Do I Get Paid?

As an independent Contractor, you are paid a settlement, plus applicable reimbursements for each completed move. ATC currently pays 75-85 cents per mile for CDL Contractors. You always know the pay before you accept a move. We do not withhold anything from your pay to accumulate toward an Escrow account. We pay $15 per hour for downtime or a breakdown – up to $150 per day.

When Do I Get Paid?

ATC pays 2 business days after settlement paperwork is emailed in.  We do not use any type of fuel card.  We pay via direct deposit into your bank account.

What Does ATC Reimburse?

ATC reimburses all fuel used in the client’s vehicle, as well as tolls, and any other miscellaneous expenditures used for the client’s vehicle.  ATC does reimburse fuel at 100%, but you pay for the fuel up front.  THERE IS NO FUEL ADVANCE PROVIDED.  We can usually order and pay for permits in advance.  However, there are some states that require the driver to purchase at the point of entry.  We reimburse this at 100%.

What Does ATC Move?

We move primarily straight trucks – mostly utility and service bodies.  All of our moves are commercial and the majority of our moves are new vehicle deliveries.  We deliver light trucks and vans that are less than 10,000 pounds all the way to trucks with 80,000 GVWR.

Where Does ATC Deliver?

We deliver mostly to eastern and mid-west states, but we are increasingly having moves to the west coast.  The majority of our moves are one-way. We encourage you to contract with more than one Driveaway company. This allows contractors to put moves together for multiple Driveaway companies and make more money.

How Do I Get To And From A Move?

Transportation between moves is the responsibility of the contractor.  Many contractors have tow-behind vehicles, but some clients do not allow towing.  This would be known in advance of accepting a move. Contractors often use rental cars for longer returns and Uber for shorter distances.  Using ATC’s corporate rate code, we do have $99 per day unlimited miles on a full-size rental car with Enterprise. There is no one-way/drop fee charged.

What About Logs?

ATC requires all new Contractors to use KeepTruckin for maintaining your record of duty status.  You can set us a Primary (we will be able to see your account) or manually push your logs to us weekly.  As an active Contractor you must provide continuous records to us. If you fail to maintain your logs, you will not be eligible to make moves with ATC.

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