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Veterans and their Future in American Trucking

Mission-oriented and focus-driven, truck driving is proving to be an excellent career choice for military veterans! Learn more.

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Protecting Drivers and Owner-Operators from Identity Theft

For truck drivers & owner-operators, identity theft can be devastating, for you personally and the operation you work for.

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Tips for Truckin’ Through the Holidays

The Christmas holidays are almost upon us! We hope all drivers will enjoy these tips for truckin’s through the holidays.

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NHTSA Passes New Rear Underride Legislation

Rear underride crashes continue to be a grave concern on our nation’s roadways, and a new June ruling by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is intending to decrease some disturbing accident statistics.

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Proposed Legislation Brings Necessary Parking

H.R.2187 is legislation that would allocate money to transportation agencies to build or expand safe parking areas for commercial motor vehicles.

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Tips from a Truck Driver’s Point of View

We’ve all been frustrated by semis from time to time. But have you ever tried to see the road from the perspective of the truck driver?

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Fleet Safety for Women

The trucking industry is celebrating the consistent increase of female drivers, but there remains one concern that must be addressed and that’s safety.

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Hazardous Materials Endorsement

Increase your value as a driver with a hazardous materials endorsement. An HME qualifies drivers to haul dangerous materials wisely.

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The Future of Electrification for the Trucking Industry

Your career as a truck driver depends on your CSA, so you need to know exactly what it means and how to keep it low.  

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Congrats on Your New Career in Trucking!

You’re about to embark on a new career in trucking, but there will most likely be some lifestyle adjustments you’ll need to consider.

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