The Truck Driver

Let’s consider a nation without the trucking industry; a nation where 80 percent of communities could not depend on food, medicine, and other materials for the survival and progression of our culture.  

Oil and gas – Truck drivers deliver petroleum safely and efficiently. The delivery of these materials is critical to virtually every other industry in the world. 

Medical supplies – Remember the roadways during COVID-19? The highways were essentially vacant, as we all adhered to pandemic response plans; vacant except for the trucks that transported the life-saving equipment, medicines, and medical and military personnel to the areas most needed. Now that the roadways are bustling again, the job of the truck driver remains the same… get IT there, whatever IT is, and get it there expediently and safely.    

Business supplies Historically, businesses interact more now than ever before. Due to advances in technology, they have grown to depend on each other for goods and services that are mutually beneficial. These companies are able to exchange supplies cross-country as easily as they can across the street…because of the truck drivers. Business owners can focus entirely on the business at hand and trust that they will have the products to get that work done.  

Infrastructure – Consider the highways truck drivers travel in the course of a day. They would not be existent without…truck drivers! And there would be no businesses to drive to without the critical work of truck drivers! Trucks deliver the concrete, lumber, steel…anything that is essential in creating a dependable foundation that contributes to our nation’s infrastructure. 

Bottom line, the United States would be unrecognizable if it weren’t for the most essential worker of all. The trucking industry is progressing in areas of job stability, safety, and diversity. It is modernizing with the use of technology and not only maintaining but advancing the prosperity of our nation.    

We at ATC acknowledge the incredible contribution our nation’s truck drivers make to the daily lives of each and every one of our citizens. We sincerely thank you for the investment you are making in our nation and the future generations of our citizens.