At ATC, we feel that it is necessary to invest in our drivers and recognize their commitment to expanding our team. One of the best ways that we let our drivers know they are valuable to our company is by offering an incentive program that rewards them when they contribute to our growth by adding a CDL driver to our Driver Referral Program. Our ATC Referral Program is profitable to both ATC as a company (new drivers = new growth), and you as the driver. Keeping our current drivers motivated and happy is just as important to us as acquiring new drivers.

There is no limit to the number of $300 bonuses you can receive from our incentive program when recruiting a new, active CDL driver to the crew. Trustworthy, commercial drivers with at least one year of driveaway experience are preferred. Just make sure that when the applicant applies online, they mention your name so that you get credit for the referral. Once a driver becomes active, they will need to complete five successful moves for ATC. Then the $300 bonus is yours! It will be processed within the first five business days of the month after the 5th move is completed.

Aside from the financial benefits of an incentive rewards program like this, it also boosts team morale, and fosters a culture of loyalty and engagement. These initiatives can lead to better mental well-being amongst our drivers. In an industry where the demands are high and the challenges are real, we believe that truck driver incentives provide a bridge between the aspirations of our company and the well-being of our employees.

Have new incentives and ideas that you want to share for our referral program? Make sure to let your leadership team know and you just may be surprised to see what they add next!