If you’re working in the trucking industry today, we hope you love your job and all the perks of it!  But we are confident you don’t hear the words “Thank You” nearly often enough. We at ATC would like to give a word of appreciation to all the truckers who have committed to this thrilling career!

Our nation’s economy DEPENDS on you. Literally.

  • We depend on the food you provide. Getting essentials to grocery stores and restaurants across the country dependably means that American business can thrive, and its citizens have provisions without ever thinking about the sacrifices that you have made for their sustenance.
  • We depend on truckers to bring products and necessary technology to businesses across our nation. You have scrutinized the most efficient routes to connect businesses so that they can count on essential products to keep their customers happy and their companies thriving.
  • We depend on you to continue repairing, replacing, and improving our nation’s infrastructure. By delivering construction equipment and materials safely and on a critically tight schedule, you help to expand our roads, our homes, our schools, and our businesses.
  • We depend on you for excellence in health care. Truckers deliver emergency medical supplies to first responders, hospitals, and physicians across the country. We know when there is a crisis anywhere, from the results of a pandemic to natural disasters, we will have what we need to confront that crisis with all the necessary materials. Our medical workers count on you each day to bring healing to their patients.
  • We depend on you to provide for your families. We know the sacrifices. We know the terribly long hours. We know the criticism you receive when things are not where we want them at just the moment we want them. THANK YOU for working hard for us and for the ones you go home to.

As our nation celebrates its independence this July, ATC celebrates you…the almost eight million of you who have committed your lives to trucking-related careers. To those who drive, manage, repair, stock, and any number of additional jobs related to trucking, we THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.