A suggested list of podcast favorites

You’ve got hours of driving before you and getting ready to hit the road; it’s time to pack up the necessities:  Coffee, emergency gear, and great entertainment. Categorized for your convenience, here are some podcast-junkie favorites!

Especially for YOU, the trucker:

CDL Trucking Podcast – everything, and we mean EVERYTHING, is discussed from new driving laws to a look at why drivers don’t stop to help broken-down truckers. New shows are released every Friday.

Big Rig Banter – Hosts Troy and Lenay offer entertaining and educational interviews covering every aspect of the trucking industry. This podcast is sponsored by TNCRadio.live, which is also an outstanding listen. An alternative to podcasts, it is a new online radio show just for online truckers!

Trucking After Hours is another podcast made hugely popular in the freight-driving industry. This one was formerly known as “The Trucking Podcast” and covers all aspect of the life we know and love.

Especially for YOU, the crime-junkie: Because if you’re a trucker or a history teacher or anything in between, crime shows are THE CRAZE these days!

Crime Junkie Podcast – No mystery in this title, host Ashley Flowers provides a weekly true crime story that will keep the listener mesmerized as the driving hours fly by.

Serial has won every major broadcasting award. Rather than covering a crime per episode, the podcast covers one crime per season and is intended for the listener to follow from beginning to end.

Especial for YOU, the sports junkie:

Pardon My Take – With new releases every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, this is a loud and unpredictable journey with hosts Big Cat and PFT Commenter. Daily topics and guests keep this talk show very fun and a true sports- fan-favorite.

ESPN’s Fantasy Focus is an entertaining take on fantasy football. During football season the podcast airs five days a week, offering tons of fun. Hosts Stephania Bell, Daniel Dopp, and Matthew Berry give the listeners a lively perspective of this new “sport” that has taken the nation by storm.

Especially for YOU, the comedian (or wanna-be comedian):

The Joe Rogan Experience – Self-proclaimed “psychedelic” Joe Rogan is a favorite among comedy-lovers and sports-lovers. He’s an entertaining host of guest actors, comedians, and authors. This podcast is ranked as one of the favorites worldwide.

BBC Comedy of the Week – What would a comedy list be without a word from the Brits? This official BBC podcast offers a variety of clips from British tv and radio programs that will make the listener roar out loud.