You’ve heard for some time now what immense job and travel opportunities there are in the world of big rigs. You know great employees are in high demand, and you’re ready for a new challenge! Before you head off to acquire your Commercial Driver’s License, it’s critical to understand there are some things potential candidates MUST HAVE:

You MUST HAVE an excellent driving record. It may seem silly to mention, but one speeding ticket can be a prominent red flag; one night of driving under the influence of alcohol can be a deal-breaker. At the very least, it exposes to a potential employer that you may not care as much about your driving record as they would like.

You MUST HAVE good physical health. There are some medical conditions that are very difficult to control while on the road.  Most companies have a list of medications that are banned from drivers, since the illnesses they address or the medications themselves may be high risk in a driving career. These are intended as a protection for drivers, and sometimes companies offer a list of alternative medications that may be explored.

You MUST HAVE a consistent work record. The trucking Industry is a competitive one, and businesses must meet daily deadlines reliably. If you have an inconsistent track record, an employer simply can’t take the risk and will move on to the next hire.

If you can check all the boxes above, pursuing a CDL may be a great option for you! The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides an extensive list of truck driving training programs. In order to obtain your license, three tests are necessary:  a Vehicle Inspection Test, a Basic Control Skills Test, and a Road Test. For further information about each of these and how best to prepare, click here. There are tremendous resources offered online, including free practice tests, which vary from state to state.

Nationally, a truck-driver’s starting salary is $45,000-$60,000 a year. Each company offers unique bonuses and incentives, and there are often steady opportunities to increase that pay quickly in this industry. If considering CDL training, the very wisest step one should take is to TALK. Talk to as many truck drivers with as varied experience as possible. As in every industry, there are notoriously excellent companies and otherwise in the world of trucking. Extensive research can mean a lucrative and fulfilling career in truck-driving!

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