The ramifications of identity theft are unfathomable, and truck owner-operators are at very high risk of being victimized. Why? Because your drivers’ lives on the road can be a virtual target if they’re not extra cautious. And once a thief has a driver’s identity, he has access to his cargo as well. Here are some things for you and your drivers to consider:

  • Your mailbox is typically unattended for long periods of time. If this is the case, a good alternative is to have a trustworthy neighbor tend to yours as he tends to his. Better yet, rent a post office box! No one should have easy access to your personal information.
  • Just like your mailbox, your garbage can reveal way more personal information than you intend.  Shredding important papers is an simple way for you to deter a thief.
  • While on the road, be VERY careful of using unsecured WiFi networks. Simply checking your email could completely open up your life to public access. Need to check your bank account while on the road? Be extremely cautious and realize that you could be revealing those accounts to the next WiFi user as well.
  • A truck driver pulls out and shows his driver’s license far more often than other drivers. In fact, some shippers and receivers require that a copy of the license be kept on file! Be cautious when simply handing over that card. Your license number can give a thief access to endless online information and quickly do a lot of harm.
  • Consider every stop at an ATM or fuel pump an opportunity for a thief to steal your identity. Cover the number panel with your hand when entering personal information, and always choose the money machine or pump with the best lighting, just to be safe.

Truck owner-operators know the enormous value of their cargo. An additional consideration for drivers is that if his identity is taken, his cargo could easily be taken as well. A thief can literally pick up and deliver a shipment using the driver’s name and driving info…then receive payment for that delivery as well.

It is well worth taking the steps to protect your business and employees from the dangers of life on the road! Implement identity theft training for all drivers and ensure