We’ve all been frustrated by semis from time to time. They slow down traffic and occasionally seem like the awkward elephant in the middle of the room. No question, there are times they just seem to be in everyone’s way! But have you ever tried to see the road from the perspective of the truck driver?

If a truck is going below the speed limit and you find yourself growing impatient, consider WHY this big rig is going so slowly! Any incline in a road is a challenge for a semi; it takes some time to work up speed. Many also have speed limiters to prevent them from going too fast. Rather than growing in frustration, carefully pass the rig instead of following closely. Remember, if a semi needs to stop fast and an accident occurs, chances are the truck will fare much better than your vehicle!

When passing, be sure to consider a semi’s blind spots. A big rig has a very long one! Be sure to pass quickly, careful not to linger at its side or cut in front of it quickly. If a truck driver has to brake fast to avoid hitting you, you are both at high risk for an accident.

Have you ever been behind or beside a truck when one of its tires blows out? It’s another great reason to leave plenty of space between your vehicle and a semi. If a tire does blow while you are lingering close by, you and your vehicle are in a very dangerous situation! The startling sound alone has caused many tragic accidents!

Finally, merely crossing lanes can be a safety risk when a semi is involved. Very often cars cross lanes abruptly, not allowing other drivers enough space to respond appropriately. Truck drivers have this happen all the time, and a semi simply does not have the ability to stop as quickly as a car! It’s important to allow extra brake time for those big rigs!

When it comes to navigating the roads with trucks, added awareness and patience makes our roads much safer. We need them and can increase our respect for them if we take some time to see the road from their perspective!