For many good reasons, the trucking industry has made a recent push to hire more women drivers, so that they now account for over 10 percent of over-the-road truck drivers! That’s a two percent increase from 2019, and driveaway companies are making a concerted effort to train women as well and keep those numbers soaring.

Truck driving companies are finding that an increase of female drivers brings with it an escalation of innovation and diversity of thought. This in turn increases networking opportunities and marketing strategies. Despite the historic numbers of jokes about female drivers, studies reveal that women actually tend to be more cautious and attentive than men, resulting in fewer accidents. The industry records also show that they log more hours and remain with the company longer than men. Business is improving with the promotion of women in the industry!

As a result of this success, companies are working to accommodate some of the unique obstacles women face in the industry. Family responsibilities remain the greatest challenge to a truck-driving schedule, so more companies are emphasizing flexible work hours, ensuring fair compensation, and committing to further development and advancement of their female employees. Many also provide mentoring programs specifically for women, since the territory of truck driving is new to so many. These mentors address issues like personal safety in showers and sleeping options, and work to develop environments that are secure and respectful to both genders.

Truck manufacturers also are starting to take notice of the increase of women in the industry.   Realizing that female drivers are on average six inches shorter and weigh 28% less than male drivers, they are now adjusting seats, pedals, and gauges to meet these needs. Diversity is here to stay, and the changes made are starting to reflect it.

Bottom line, women in the trucking industry are making an impact on the driveaway business! We at ATC Driveaway salute our women drivers and welcome you to the family!