Drive time doesn’t need to be wasted time!

If you’ve got a long day on the road, consider using that day productively:

Listen to Podcasts

A captivating story can make hours seem like minutes when you have a long drive time. A great instructional podcast can teach you to be an “expert” on endless topics in a matter of hours!  Don’t know where to start? Consider one from Podcast Consumer Tracker’s top five list:

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience
  2. The Daily
  3. Crime Junkie
  4. This American Life
  5. Stuff You Should Know

Learn a New Language

Prepare yourself for a well-deserved exotic vacation or simply stretch your mind and impress your friends! There are some outstanding free apps that make learning another language easier than it’s ever been before. Just a few:

  1. Duolingo
  2. Rosetta Stone
  3. Memrise

Each of these apps is available for iOS and Android.  Although there are subscription options, each offers extensive free options for at least a dozen different languages.

Get in Touch with Friends and Family

“Not enough time” is the #1 reason people tend to fall out of touch with friends and family over the years and across the miles. No more excuses! Invest in a good hands-free headset, and start working through your contact list. You’ve got hours to kill, and nothing passes them more quickly than great conversation!