ATC Driveaway Drivers are in DEMAND. Jobs are HOT this SUMMER!

We are hiring nationwide. Now is the time to join ATC Driveaway! Experience for yourself why we are different than all the other guys and you’ll never go back to your old forced dispatch gig again. It’s time to sit in the driver’s seat of your career. Are you ready to take the wheel?

As we observe our 20th Anniversary, ATC Driveaway is proud to be an industry leader in driveaway services on a national level. Trust us when we say now is the time to make the switch to a driveaway career. We have been where you are and served the companies you have. Trucking is in our blood and has been in our family for as long as we can remember. Can you relate? While COVID-19 has changed much of how the world operates, one thing is for sure: the demand for reliable, professional truckers is stronger than ever.

Here’s the top 4 reasons why you should consider switching to a driveaway career from being an owner operator:

  1. Be Your Own Boss – Tired of forced dispatch? Ready to be your own boss? When you choose a career with ATC Driveaway, you are choosing to be in control and free to make individual choices. It’s your career on your terms.
  2. No Risk of Truck Ownership or Maintenance – It’s no secret that driveaway drivers are amongst the savviest business owners in the trucking world. Why? Because they don’t have the expense of owning and maintaining their own truck. Yet, they get reimbursed for all gas, permits and tolls. It’s the best of both worlds. Driveaway drivers move all types of trucks for dealers, fleets and asset managers on behalf of ATC Driveaway. We only hire the most professional drivers with the best reputations (on and off the road) to serve our clients. It’s how we do business.
  1. Flexible Schedule – Some truckers will argue that they sacrifice valuable time with family and friends for the sake of their career. For our ATC Driveaway drivers, we encourage them to have a work life balance that allows them to invest in their health, their loved ones and their financial security. A flexible schedule for independent contractors allows them to work for more than one driveaway company and manage a schedule that works for them. Have a family vacation coming up? No problem. You won’t have a boss denying your time off request or giving you a hard time about it! You’re the boss.
  2. Competitive Pay – According to Zippia, the average salary for a driveaway driver is $45,273 per year or $22 per hour. The top 10% make over $63,000. Some of our experienced ATC Driveaway drivers make over six figures! Driveaway driving really is what you put into it and how you make it work for your life. Read our FAQs for information on how we pay, transport and if Driveaway is right for you here.

ATC hires experienced, reputable, independent driver/contractors. If you have the required licensing and a clean driving record, contact us today! We hire drivers who are committed to giving our customers the best personal and professional experience possible! All ATC Driveaway Drivers must submit to a drug screen.

Do you have specific questions about starting your career with ATC Driveaway? Contact Misty Monday at [email protected] or 865-251-0828 x233. She will be happy to discuss any questions with you Monday-Friday during normal business hours.