Benefits to Becoming an ATC Driveaway Driver

The COVID pandemic has changed everything about trucking. It severely altered production lines and the need for freight haulers. The disruption meant that trucks were temporarily carrying fewer loads. But now that loads per truck are up, the need for independent truckers is greater than ever!

Do you love driving but feel the itch for MORE than those long, demanding schedules of being owned by someone else? Maybe it’s time for you to consider being an independent contractor! Just CONSIDER it if:

  • You’re getting bored, running the same old route with the same old long hours.
  • You have the knack of an entrepreneur and would like to have your own business.
  • You have earned the experience of a company driver and want to apply that knowledge to your own company.
  • You have the money to get a business off the ground. (Vehicle, fuel, and insurance are just some of the expenses that need to be considered. Carefully research these when considering if this is the right step for you!) Did you know? ATC reimburses 100% of fuel, permits, and tolls!
  • You want the pride of owning your own rig.
  • You would like to make more money. (NOW, we’ve got your attention!)

ATC hires experienced, reputable, independent driver/contractors. If you have necessary licensing and a clean driving record, contact us today! We hire drivers who are committed to giving our customers the best personal and professional experience possible! All ATC Driveaway Drivers must submit to a drug screen.

Learn more about the qualifications of all ATC Driveaway Drivers:

Do you have specific questions about starting your career with ATC Driveaway? Contact Misty Monday at [email protected] or 865-251-0828 x233. She will be happy to discuss any questions with you Monday-Friday during normal business hours. We are hiring nationwide.