Is Your Fleet Where it Needs to Be?

Your truck is an expensive investment, and it’s more important than ever that it is delivered safely and professionally to the proper destination.  ATC Driveaway is an industry leader in driveway truck delivery.  Safety and professionalism are top priority, as our team helps move your truck from any destination to another within all 50 states.

The trucking industry has been slowly recovering from a painful 2019, making a steady rebound in 2021, and it is anticipated that this could continue substantially in months to come. The lifestyle adjustments forced upon Americans during this pandemic year have affected the market considerably. Two new trends are critical to consider:


The trend of buying online continued to soar in 2020, as consumers not only had the option but were often forced to make their purchases this way. This has led to a natural increase on the demand of trucking, as the retail industry is dependent on the trucking industry to get goods from one location to another.

Although our nation is opening up in terms of pandemic restrictions, the convenience of online shopping has now been firmly embedded into the lifestyle of Americans. Experts say the e-commerce industry is seeing steady growth in 2021 that is projected to continue. This is great news for the trucking industry!

Shift in Production Locations

After years of steady production operations, the entire freight and transportation industry is seeing a gradual shift in production locations. Companies are relocating their production operations that currently exist in order to effectively meet the demands for their trucks:

  • California and Illinois are the preferred states for Reefers or refrigerated trucks.
  • Texas, Illinois, and Ohio are being considered some of the preferred locations for Dry Vans.
  • Texas and Pennsylvania have been the production homes for flatbed vehicles, and that is likely not to change.

Bottom line, a slow but steady incline is predicted for the demand for production and transportation of goods. This is good news for your company only if your trucks are where they need to be. ATC Driveaway will transport trucks of all types from a variety of industries in order for the future to continue to look bright for your trucking business.

Choosing a driveaway service means opting for more personalized and professional service. If you’ve enjoyed this article and would like to know more about how we can help your business grow in 2020 and beyond, please contact us.