Top 10 Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

ATC Driveaway is an industry leader in safety and professionalism. While our work trucks arrive on time. Every time. Our driver’s safety will always be our top priority.

Here are ten ultimate safety tips for truck drivers:

    1. Avoid using your cell phone while driving – start the GPS and make any entertainment selections before starting the ignition
    2. Buckle up for safety – every trip
    3. Create plenty of space between you and other vehicles. A driver needs at least 1 second for each 10 feet of truck they are operating at speeds below 40 MPH. If a driver is operating over 40 MPH, they need 5 seconds for a 40-foot truck and 7 seconds for a 60-foot truck
    4. Scan a quarter of a mile ahead of you at all times especially before entering intersections
    5. Stay within the speed limit, especially ones specifically noted for semi-trucks
    6. Always remove sunglasses when entering tunnels
    7. Check mirrors every 8-10 seconds to be aware of vehicles entering your blind spots
    8. Be careful when making turns on a curvy road or at an off-ramp
    9. Know when to slow to avoid spills, rollovers or other accidents
    10. Stay alert by being well rested. Don’t drive when you’re ill or on medications that can make you drowsy or dizzy

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